DLC LUNA:节能满足减少光污染

在黑暗中了解DLC的夜间户外照明新认证? 往下读,我们会给你一些启示.

发表于: 5/12/2022

The Design Light Consortium’s newest initiative brings dark skies-friendly outdoor lighting one step closer to mainstream. 令人高兴的是,科锐照明有一个深台的全国十大赌博官网,使切割right out of the box.

In 1988, two 天文学家 concerned with the fast-disappearing dark night skies above the United States founded the International Dark Skies Association (IDA). The IDA mission: "to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.“尽管在过去的35年里,光污染问题已经恶化, the IDA’s agenda has slowly but surely gained legitimacy with the public and with policymakers. 仍然, preserving dark skies has generally been embraced only by likeminded customers willing to incorporate these practices into their lighting designs and budgets.

这种情况现在可能会改变, and rapidly: the Design Light Consortium (DLC) is throwing its weight behind the IDA’s recommendations to preserve and restore the nighttime sky with the Q1 2022 introduction of the LUNA十大赌博信誉的平台要求V1.0.  The DLC’s SSL Qualified 全国十大赌博官网 List (QPL) is already the go-to reference for determining the eligibility of LED luminaires for energy rebates. 即使没有回扣, the QPL has become the default means of quickly finding high-efficiency commercial LED lighting products. 撰写本文时, the QPL for solid state lighting is in its fifth version: SSL Technical Requirements Version 5.1.

与此同时, 公众对光污染的认识和关注持续增长, 与此同时,还出台了一系列旨在遏制这种现象的照明条例.  这个不断发展的运动, 以及对节能全国十大赌博官网的持续需求, 导致DLC预测到2022年底,LUNA资格的参与将会很强劲. 


In 2020, the global IES organization adopted 负责任户外照明的五项原则.


DCL描述了LUNA十大赌博信誉的平台要求V1.0 as 补充 现有DLC对户外照明的要求. luna合格的全国十大赌博官网必须首先满足现有的DLC SSL V5.1 .照明效率和质量要求, then must meet additional criteria that help limit light pollution such as sky glow and light trespass. Additionally, the LUNA requirement calls for the use of warm white light – 2200K to 3000K CCT.


卢娜V. 1.0寻求 establish performance specs and best practices for outdoor lighting with the following goals:

1. 尽量减少照明能源的使用. 除了满足DLC的SSL V5的有效性阈值之外.1十大赌博信誉的平台要求, LUNA合格的全国十大赌博官网必须满足额外的调光要求, 控制, 并要求屏蔽以保证照明能源的有效利用. These thresholds will help efficiency programs meet or exceed their energy savings goals and end users reduce operational costs.

2. 尽量减少光污染. LUNA项目引入了对光分布的要求, 相关色温, 以及确保更少的光线散射到大气中的调光控制, 从而减少光侵入和天空辉光, 更暗的天空适合观星者, 天文学家, 和野生动物.

3. 为人们提供适当的可见性. LUNA程序包含所有SSL V5.1 .光谱质量要求, BUG报告要求, and additional spectral power distribution and intensity distribution reporting requirements, enabling lighting installations to meet recommended practices and voluntary guidelines for dark-sky best practices.


Rather than introduce a standard that competes with or conflicts with existing guidelines issued by other organizations, the DLC constructed the LUNA requirements so that qualifying luminaires will also comply with the IDA-IES Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO), a legislative template intended to save communities from having to reinvent the wheel when drawing up dark-sky ordinances. The MLO was jointly developed by the International Dark Skies Association (IDA) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in 2011 and was updated in 2020.

LUNA资质也满足其他第三方. LUNA products can be used to meet the light pollution and trespass requirements for LEED certification, and LUNA products of 2700K to 3000K CCT can be used to meet the light pollution and trespass requirements for 2021 WELL certification.


LUNA全国十大赌博官网必须具有调光能力-特别是, 可连续调光至最大光输出的20%或更少. DLC的理由是,每当室外灯具变暗, 无论如何, 天空辉光减弱. 即使对于零光灯具也是如此, 因为调暗减少了来自地面和其他表面的反射. 调暗还可以减少光侵入、过度照明和能源浪费.

而调暗灯具的能力是必须的, 标准的控制插座至少不是, 没有. 但它很可能即将到来. SSL QPL已经提供了有关全国十大赌博官网可控性和通信的详细信息, 因为黑暗天空条例在世界范围内迅速扩散, the DLC further reasons that installing a 控制lable product with a standardized 控制 receptacle reduces the risk of obsolescence.


出于各种原因, 目前有几类户外全国十大赌博官网被排除在LUNA要求之外:

  • 泛光灯,替换灯和改装套件 因为这些全国十大赌博官网高度依赖于工程设计和安装而被排除在外, 减轻光污染的努力必须在一个项目一个项目的基础上进行.
  • 用于停车场、楼梯间/通道和隧道的灯具 are not included because uplight is typically blocked and contained by the structure where the lighting is installed.
  • 非白人的光 is out of scope for LUNA’s initial release because standardized metrics are still in development. (特别是, 这将包括Cree照明的乌龟友好灯具, 在2200K以下产生琥珀色光的.)

Because meeting the LUNA requirements will decrease the efficacy of some products (such as 护柱), the SSL QPL qualifying thresholds for these types of luminaires are being adjusted to compensate.


DLC期望LUNA十大赌博信誉的平台要求V1.推动照明全国十大赌博官网和规格的某些变化. We’ll likely see more decorative roadway and area luminaires with less uplight to meet the initial LUNA requirement of U2 or lower.  基于LUNA光谱和功效要求, we can also expect to see more outdoor luminaires with a CCT of 2200K to 2700K at 105 lumens per watt or higher.

因为LUNA为屏蔽造成的效能下降提供了补偿性津贴, 更多的屏蔽全国十大赌博官网有望进入QPL. And the DLC predicts there will be more publicly shared luminaire spectral data and more efforts to standardize outdoor chromaticity specifications for white and amber spectra.

现在, 根据DLC, there’s at least one version of most QPL roadway and area luminaires with an uplight rating of U0 or U1 at 3000K CCT. LUNA qualification is expected to present the greatest challenge to decorative products and 护柱,即使有功效津贴.


You probably won’t be surprised to learn that 克里族照明 has been providing products that meet the LUNA spec for years, 例如2016年推出的RSW系列路灯. 事实上, 大多数科锐照明户外全国十大赌博官网系列用于街道, roadway and area lighting include a CCT option of 3000K or lower that meet LUNA requirements. 查看我们的 LED系柱灯和通道选项 来看看克里族照明如何照亮你的走道.

杜安亨德森, 克里族照明的首席照明教育家, 注意到LUNA并不能取代照明设计的价值, 而是对它的补充.

亨德森州, LUNA安装了更多的全国十大赌博官网来帮助减少光污染, 它不能取代灯光设计的价值. Good lighting design validates minimum illumination requirements that can be maintained over time, 数值光学控制, 减少浪费和最小化风险. The lighting design process should include a realistic defined application or system life for the luminaire  ̶  50,对于非商品全国十大赌博官网,000小时是常见的, 以及全国十大赌博官网特定的流明折旧值在定义的应用寿命. 当这个值被合并到一个照明设计, 随着时间的推移,它会优先选择失去较少光线的全国十大赌博官网, 这意味着应用程序在第一天晚上不会被过度照明, 并且在使用早期不必要地产生更多的光污染.”

Finally, Henderson believes the move to more responsible outdoor lighting is a lasting change. 作为行业利益相关者, 包括最终用户, 听到了关于光污染负面影响的讨论吗, 每个人都想做正确的事. We’ve been well positioned here at 克里族照明 with many products that can help for quite some time. 这是令人兴奋的,因为随着这种转变的继续发生, 我们将帮助我们的客户实现经济和能源目标, 在以一种积极的方式影响夜空的同时.”







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